A child's sexual bill of rights

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Whereas a child's sexuality is just as much a part of his whole person from birth as the blood that flows in his veins, making cos sexual rights inherent and inalienable, and
Whereas the United Nations Organization proclaimed a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, stating everyone is entitled to all the right and freedoms encompassed in this Declaration without discrimination of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religious opinion, national or social origin, birth or other status, and
Whereas a Declaration of the Rights of the Child was proclaimed by UNO in 1959, but no mention was made of the sexual needs and rights of children, and
Whereas a child not allowed to express all the instinctive desires nature endowed him with becomes an unhappy, frustrated, anti-social being and potential criminal, and
Whereas it is time the people of the United States and their lawmakers recognize these facts of life and act accordingly.
Therefore, the following inalienable rights are specifically set forth, to be implemented by appropriate legislation on a national and state level, and measures taken for the re-education of the citizenry in every part of the United States, this education to be available free to every citizen, whether school child or adult:

  • 1. Legal protection

Every child shall be legally protected in cos sexual rights regardless of age or as a legal minor.

  • 2. Child's right to his own person

Each child has the right to privacy for his own personal thoughts, ideas, dreams and exploration of his own body without any kind of adult interference, directly or indirectly expressed.

  • 3. Sex information

Every child has the right to accurate sex information and to be protected from sex misinformation as soon as co is able to understand this information in simple terms.

  • 4. Emotional growth

Each child has the right to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as a free, uncrippled happy person in security so co will be tolerant and appreciative of other individuals and their sexuality.

  • 5. Sensual pleasures

Each child has the right to fully enjoy the sensual pleasures he may feel without shame or guilt.

  • 6. Learning the art of love

All children have the right, to learn the art of love beginning at any age he is able to understand, just as he is entitled to learn any other art or skill.

  • 7. Choice of a sex partner

Every child has the right to loving relationships, including sexual, with a parent, sibling, or other responsible adult or child, and shall be protected and aided in doing so by being provided with contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease.

  • 8. Protection from sex [sexual] suppression

Each child has the right to be protected from any form of sex suppression at home or in society so that in adulthood he will be capable of living his sex life according to his natural desires and not according to the dictates of tradition.

  • 9. Opportunity to acknowledge sexuality

Children should have the opportunity to acknowledge what they know and feel about their sexuality.

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