BBC reporter claims anime and manga promotes pedophilia

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Takeshi Nogami, original character designer for Girls und Panzer, went on Twitter to talk about an interview he had with BBC Three for a documentary titled "Young Sex for Sale in Japan." Nogami said he had a three hour interview with British journalist Stacey Dooley for the project. What was supposed to be a session involving Dooley asking Nogami about his opinion about the depiction of young girls in anime ended with Dooley commenting, "My desire is to put all pedophiles and ones who produce pedophilic media in jail." Nogami alluded that Dooley lumped him into this group. [...]

The interview ended with a very hotly contested exchange. Before leaving, Dooley asked Nogami, "Why don't you Japanese people follow what the UK does?" Nogami replied, "Why don't you British people follow Japan, since we're more civilized and have a lower crime rate than the UK?"

source: Article 'BBC Reporter Claims Anime and Manga Promotes Pedophilia' by Aaron Magulick;;; 6 March 2017