British TV joins the anti-ped witch hunt

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Two distinguished people well qualified to speak on pedophilia were rejected by the program: Dr. Edward Brongersma (the Netherlands' most famous gay pedophile and a retired member of the Dutch Senate) and Theo Sandfort, a social psychologist at the National University in Utrecht, who has studied consenting man/boy relationships in government funded research. [...]

Two far less articulate English gay pedophiles foolishly volunteered to be interviewed. Just two days after the interview, the home of one of them was raided by the police. Inspector Baker lied to the cameras, saying that the raid was on a suspected pornographer, whereas in fact it was a search warrant for public entertainment. [...]

The London Programme did not tell us they'd set up this raid. Nor that the raid did not result in any arrests and that no child pornography was found. They did not show the abuse and intimidation that the police dealt out, typical of the harassment received by many gay pedophiles who dare to speak out. [...]

There was a time when masturbation was termed "self abuse"; now the paranoia of the moment is "child abuse." The ideas of the Pedophile Information Exchange were felt too threatening to allow it to continue. Now the attack has turned to lesbian and gay organizations with Section 28 and to individual pedophiles.

source: Article 'British TV Joins the Anti-Ped Witch Hunt' by Martin Burgess; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 9, n. 8; October 1988