Child sex: why are we so fucked up about it?

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Nowhere is this more evident or prevalent than in the United States, where many senior politicians and pillars of society routinely fulminate against any expression of sexuality by children and enthusiastically endorse the imposition of ever more ludicrous legislation in an attempt to stem what they see as a tide of unbridled promiscuity and hedonism among American teenagers. And yet the same guardians of morality do nothing to curb the violence inherent in US society nor to restrict the availability of the 'weapons of mass destruction' which every US citizen regards as their God-given right to own and use. [...]

The evidence from historical, cultural, biological and psychological causes overwhelmingly demonstrates that Nature intended us to be sexual adults at puberty and to experiment sexually to some degree much earlier. Yet our modern, western culture so inhibits this natural growth process that we enter adulthood seriously crippled sexually, psychologically and often morally and spiritually too, often unable to enjoy satisfying lives of sexual intimacy. It is my firm conviction that the primary cause of this dire state of affairs is the sexual persecution and guilt inflicted on children by the traditional negative views of dogmatic Christianity and our sexually repressed, western culture. [...]

The most serious sexual problem in our society today is not premarital sex, unwanted teenage pregnancies, paedophilia, AIDS or even sexually explicit cigarette lighters; it is our failure to accept that children are sexual beings. By denying them the right to explore, express and enjoy their sexuality as nature intended, we are ensuring that many of them will grow up to be the paedophiles, perverts and rapists of the future.

source: Article 'Child sex: why are we so fucked up about it?' by Miranda S. Givings;; Utterpants; 2004; Last editted: 24 July 2005