Porn belongs in the classroom, says Danish professor

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Prof Christian Graugaard of Aalborg University caused a furore in Denmark when he suggested on public television that pornography should be shown in schools. This was preferable, he told the Danish public broadcaster DR, to sex education classes that were "boring and technical, where you roll a condom onto a cucumber".

Graugaard's proposal is not simply following in the long tradition of sexually permissive Scandinavia. It is, he insists, a sensible way of teaching teenagers that pornography is nothing like real sex. "My proposal is to critically discuss pornography with 8th and 9th graders {age 15 - the legal age of consent in Denmark - and 16 respectively} as part of a sensible didactic strategy, carried out by trained teachers," he told the Guardian.

source: Article 'Porn belongs in the classroom, says Danish professor' by Helen Russell;; The Guardian; 16 March 2015[[Category:Sex education]