Society is changing, veteran rocker says

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Just before the Dec. 4 State Duma elections, the St. Petersburg branch of United Russia proposed punishments for promoting homosexuality and pedophilia, which [Mikhail] Borzykin [rock artist] sees as a failed attempt to re-channel people's anger at the authorities. "It's amazing. Every television channel was fighting {the promotion of} sodomy and pedophilia. It looks like they have nothing else with which to divert the attention of the public," he said. "They choose things that have no relevance for the life of the country. Such a system inevitably starts to eat itself. It's organized in such a way that it can't function without hysteria. Its foundation starts to fall apart because of them blowing hot and cold and starting to look for enemies where there have never been any enemies at all."

source: Article 'Society Is Changing, Veteran Rocker Says' by Sergey Chernov;; The Moscow Times; 14 December 2011