'Enchanted boy' & 'Enchanted youth'

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Enchanted Boy is the autobiographical tale of a survivor. In his "journey through sexual abuse to teen prostitution," author Richie McMullen recalls the story of his boyhood growing up in England's Liverpool during the early years after WWII. Although his account is often shocking, every childhood, even one such as his, has its irrepressible magic which McMullen also makes part of his memoir. Enchanted Boy (1989) ends with Richie turning to prostitution as a way of escaping life at home.

It is a story of life on the streets continued in Enchanted Youth (1990), the second volume of McMullen's memoirs. More fortunately than other boys who have suffered his fate, Richie, as an adult, became a professional youth worker and specialist counselor to disturbed adolescents, founding the Streetwise Project for Rent Boys in 1985...

"Harrowing, moving, and funny, Enchanted Boy is consistently illuminated by the author's total honesty and inspirational humanity." - HIM Magazine

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