Adolescent sexuality in contemporary America - Personal values and sexual behavior ages thirteen to nineteen

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It is really strange that there are apparently no opinion polls about "age of consent"-laws. 1973 there was a survey published which was done with US-teenagers aged 13 to 19 years:

Sorensen, Robert C. (1973): Adolescent Sexuality in Contemporary America. Personal Values and Sexual Behavior Ages Thirteen to Nineteen. Published by The World Publishing Company.

  • 49 % were against any laws against sex with girls under 16 years.
  • 25 % of the boys and 13 % of the girls thought it was normal and natural if a parent and a child have sex when both want it (or misunderstood the question).

Because of the manipulation of the mass media results would be differently today I guess. "Pedophiles" are extremely rejected in current surveys by nearly everybody.

source: 'Sorensen-survey from 1973' by 'Filip30';; 16 August 2015; Book Sorensen from: 1973