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The following was received from Michael N. [edit], an activist with a new man/boy love organization in Moscow called Ganymedes. The writer says he is chair of the year-old group, which consists, he writes, of some 22 people, mainly students at Moscow University. "We separated lately form the gay society because of the usual differences between the gay and pedophile movements, and because in the gay movement there is much more concern with sex than love. Of course, we support the gay movement in all senses." Material that N. sent about Ganymedes indicates that, like some early efforts at organizing man/boy lovers in the US, it draws heavily on imagery of ancient Greek pederasty. N. writes that the group is devoted to "platonic love." The Bulletin looks forward to hearing more from the Ganymedes, and wishes our Russian brethren well in what look to be difficult times ahead.

Dear friends,

Having read the letter printed in your magazine from Queen in Pennsylvania (July-August, 1991 issue) saying that she wants more show of girls in the magazine, many members of Ganymedes want to give the opposite opinion. This is for a very simple reason: there are more than enough magazines filled with erotic pictures of females. Gay and boy-love magazines are the single place where we can find photos of boys, published with the point of view of their beauty.

Queen's letter was printed in the Bulletin under the title "Equally lovable." Such "equality" can be compared with a situation of a country that at last has gained independence from occupation, and suddenly the former invaders say, "You know, friends, it would not be fair if on your now-free land will be only your troops and only your citizens in your government. Let's go for complete fairness: together with your troops on your land there will be the presence of ours. The same in your government: you will agree to have one half our ministers together with yours." How do you like such a view of fairness? For us to demand equality of representation in hetero magazines and newspapers would be really fair!

Of course, Queen could say that she is not hetero, but a lesbian. But she knows clearly that usually hetero erotica magazines are also for lesbians. But photos of boys with the point of view of beauty are absent in heterosexual magazines. So in fact Queen's letter is not an appeal for equality, but the complete opposite of equality.

Michael N. [edit]
Moscow, Russia

Editor's note: NAMBLA supports the right of all people to enjoy consensual sexuality, irrespective of gender, age, or sexual orientation. When the issue has come up in the past, NAMBLA's membership has consistently voted to focus on man/boy relationships. "Queen" was a pseudonym. It is not necessarily true that Queen is female, though a Russian-speaker could hardly be expected to pick this up.

source: Letter to the editor 'Greetings from Moscow' by Michael N. [edit]; NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 13, No. 1; January/February 1992