How the Swedish nation that gave us free love redefined rape and declared war on Julian Assange

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In August 2010 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lectured in Sweden. He swiftly landed in the beds of two Swedish women, who a week later went to the police. Suddenly a Prosecutor wanted the hero for rape. Then a Chief Prosecutor reversed the decision and claimed it was just sex, not a crime. A week later a Head Prosecutor said, well that's rape! She engaged Sweden's full legal power to have Assange extradited from the U.K. Those who read the leaked interrogation protocols shook their heads in disbelief. How could such minor incidents become a top priority? Wasn't Sweden infamous for its free sexual culture? Yes, it was.

In the 1960s, Sweden made headlines around the world with its daring movies and quite as daring sexual politics. The Northern nation pioneered sex education in schools, pursued sexual freedom for women, did away with laws regulating pornography and sex clubs, and even suggested state-run brothels for the less fortunate. "Make Love, Not War" has never rung truer than in 1960s Sweden. But just a few years later, the long decline of "Swedish Sin" began.

Free feminists fighting for women's right to enjoy sex were replaced by radical feminists, who instead declared war on both Sex and Men. Is Sweden the "Saudi Arabia of Feminism" as Julian Assange claimed? Judge for yourself. Sweden in 2012 is a nation where it is illegal to pay for sex, and where sex-detectives from the police regularly break into hotel rooms to arrest those men they believe have paid - or will. Sweden in 2012 is a nation that has redefined its gravest sex-crime, rape, so many times that it now sports most rapes per capita in the world after the African nation of Lesotho. Sweden in 2012 is a nation where a former Deputy Prime Minister expresses herself like this: "Sometimes I wonder why not more women really hate men!"

A Brief History of Swedish Sex traces Sweden's change from a nation of free love to a leader in sexual repression. Through extensive research the author has constructed a captivating timeline of news stories, government reports, political speeches, pamphlets and court protocols of the last 60 years. The text is rich in quotes that will make you laugh, doubt your eyes and mumble: "They must be kidding" - except that they are not! Everyday sexual incidents can turn into legal nightmares, which is shown through vivid examples from courts. In addition, the timeline reveals previously unknown political dimensions of the Assange arrest, making the book a must-read for anyone with a critical mind. A Brief History of Swedish Sex gives you the necessary background.

source: About the book 'A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange' by Oscar Swartz;;; Publication date: 29 May 2012