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[[Category:Carol Sowers]]
[[Category:Carol Sowers]]
[[Category:Ruth Hilliard]]
[[Category:Ruth Hilliard]]
[[Category:Morton Robert Berger]]
[[Category:Morton R. Berger]]
[[Category:Phil Wooten]]
[[Category:Phil Wooten]]
[[Category:Lisa Parsons]]
[[Category:Lisa Parsons]]

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This too is love - A proposal - by Jay Baskins (p. 3)

The DPA and its Phoenix (p. 6)

Problems in Germany (p. 9)

From the Netherlands (p. 13)

From the USA (p. 15)

Absurdities (p. 25)

G. Greer: The Boy & J. Davies: The Boy - Book reviews (p. 36)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-28

source: IPCE Newsletter E16; May 2004

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