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<h2>Fear of photos (p. 25)</h2>
<h2>Fear of photos (p. 25)</h2>
<h2>Ipce's Internal Matters (p. 32)</h2>
<h2>Ipce's internal matters (p. 32)</h2>
'''and more'''
'''and more'''

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A very 'typical' immoral panic - The perils of researching intergenerational sexualities (p. 4)

Statement by David Thorstad on dismissal of anti-free-speech suit (p. 6)

The Bill Nelson case (p. 14)

The case of the girl on the cover of Arts Monthly Australia (p. 22)

Fear of photos (p. 25)

Ipce's internal matters (p. 32)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-37

source: IPCE Newsletter E25; July 2008