Pedophilia from the Chinese Perspective

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Some writers very vehemently question the capacity of children to give valid consent to sexual activity with adults. Despite their arguments, to the Chinese - who are particularly conscious of the importance and priority of social (and hence adult) values - the focus of discussions on the child consent issue in pedophilic activities is blatantly irrelevant and hypocritical. Even in the Western culture where individual human rights are strongly emphasized, how often do adults try to ascertain valid consent from their children before getting them to do most things? Have the adults sought valid consent from their children before baptizing them soon after birth? Or, when their children express by words or actions that they do not want to eat, sleep, play games with adults, or go to school at certain times, do the adults not use reward, threat, punishment, persuasion, luring, seduction, deception or any other workable means to manipulate them back to the 'right track'? Have the adults ever explored and studied the 'trauma' that may be caused by forcing all those 'good' things to their children without their valid consent? There are certain occasions when the adults do respect the children's wishes and ask for their consent, but only when the choices are within the adult acceptable range.

source: Article 'Pedophilia from the Chinese Perspective' by Emil M.L.Ng (Department of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong, China);; Probably from the book 'Pedophilia: Concepts and Controversy, Special Section of Archives of Sexual Behavior' by Kenneth J. Zucker (ed); Vol. 31, No. 6, pp. 465-510; December 2002