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| <h1>[[Uncommon Desires Newsletter 07|UDN-07]]</h1>
| <h1>[[Uncommon Desires Newsletter 07|UDN-07]]</h1>
| <h1>[[Magazines|Index]]</h1>
| <h1>[[Magazines|Index]]</h1>
| <h1>[[Uncommon Desires Newsletter 09|UDN-09]]</h1>

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Thought control from the third circuit: U.S. v. Knox - by Lawrence A. Stanley

Debate on Oregon referendum on perversion exposes double standard in Gay Community

Brief notes

British tabloid round-up - Edited by Trevor Williams

"Cleopatra", book 3, chapter 7 from Aphrodite (1896) - by Pierre Louys

More state "child porn" laws

Magazine as pdf-file: Uncommon Desires Newsletter, Number Eight

source: Uncommon Desires Newsletter, Number Eight; October-November 1992