Why I'm against age of consent

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Starting at around 7, I was forced by government to continue living in what had become a gruesomely violent, explosively volatile, and emotionally toxic home environment, meanwhile my social comprehension and ability to process behavior were still in early development. [...]

So to me, this is not some small issue, the topic of child autonomy isn't just an exercise in philosophy. I believe very deeply, with all of my being, that recognizing the self-agency rights of children in particular is not only an unconditional moral obligation, but it is arguably the most important step in the strive for liberty. Statism starts in the home. In addition to abolishing government, it is absolutely imperative that we teach our children that they own themselves and that they are personally responsible for their actions, property, agency, and needs. That doesn't mean not to guide them, help them, and teach them; it means not to forcibly impose interpersonal authority onto them. Raise them, don't govern them. If we're to rid society of much of the insanity, authoritarianism, dependence, and anger that enable government, children need to grow up with an understanding that they are not helpless subservients to be ruled, but sovereign individuals to be respected. All it takes is peaceful parenting.

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