'Child molestation' is being 'normalized'

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The American Psychological Association has sent a strong message that it will soon approve the practice of adults having sex with children, now known as "pedophilia" or "child molestation." It has published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a positive influence on a child. This conclusion was based upon a compilation of fifty-nine studies about how college students have coped with childhood sexual "abuse." We must eliminate the use of "judgmental terms" such as "child abuse," "molestation," and "victims," according to the study. We should use neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." We should not talk about "the severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."

source: Article: Will Pedophilia Be Next In Massachusetts Schools? "Child Molestation" Is Being "Normalized" by J. Edward Pawlick (Publisher, Massachusetts News); www.davidicke.net/newsroom/america/usa/090700c.html; 1998