'David Bowie was the one who devirginized me'

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Back at the Hilton, the youngsters {Lori and Sable Starr aka Sable Shields, aged 14} joined Stuie {Bowie's bodyguard} and David {Bowie} in their snazzy adjoining suites. "There was a big living room with fluffy white shag carpet, and Stuie rolled this humongous hash joint - one of those huge spliffs. I had smoked pot before, but it wasn't like this. I got so fucked up. David went into the bedroom and said, 'I'm going to take a bath.' All of a sudden, the door opens and Bowie is standing there with that gorgeous white skin and carrot-red hair, no eyebrows, wearing a kimono. It was in his early Ziggy Stardust era, and that was the first time I thought, Oh, I want him! Sable was like, 'I'll kill you if you go with him because I want him and you can't have him.' He came out and said, 'Lori, could come over here?' and I said, 'Alone?' I was so paranoid - stoned and paranoid, and he said, 'Yes, please, just you.'

I go in and he's about to close the door, and I'm looking at Sable and she's in tears. I was so nervous. I had boyfriends in junior high; all the smooching, but I'd never had intercourse. So he escorts me into the bathroom and takes off his kimono, gets into the bathtub, and sits there staring at me with those different-colored eyes. You have to understand - he's so gorgeous, his skin is so white and flawless. So he says, 'Can you wash my back?' and that was just the beginning. He knew it was my first time, and he was so gentle with me. We started to fuck in every position possible. Then I told him I felt so bad about Sable, and he said, 'Well, do you think we should go and get her?' I said yes, and we walked into the living room and she was fogging up the windows, writing, 'I want to fuck David!' So he called her into the bedroom and we all spent the night together. David Bowie was the one who devirginized me."

{A few months later, Lori became Jimmy Page's girlfriend. "Star magazine came out and he saw how young I was. Jimmy loved young girls - babies - and that's how it happened."}

source: From the book 'Let's Spend the Night Together' by Pamela des Barres; (p. 179-180); gc.glgarden.org/messages/480558.htm; Taken from GirlChat: 5 October 2009; Book from: 2007