'Little Mouth' speaks loud and clear

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My name is Luis - I am 13 and will be 14 next year. I know about your club from a man friend I know. I stole a copy of the Bulletin from him - he had about 14 or 15 different ones. Maybe I can write something for your magazine - I like to write stories true and false. I can tell stories about Argentina, where I was born, and about street life. I ran away before and hustled, sometimes still too. I have cum since I was about 10 1/2 and have been active since. I love boys but I LOVE MEN. I have a lot of sex with both. And can write about it.

source: Article < "Little Mouth" Speaks Loud and Clear > by Luis Miguelito de Argentina (Luis Miguel Fuentes); NAMBLA Bulletin, vol 11, n. 2; March 1990