'Monster' given 50 years for abusing boys at Beach church

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On Tuesday, he faced the wrath of the parents of the five boys he admitted he abused. From November 2008 through June 2009, Huffman took the hands of boys ages 4 and 5, led them into a church bathroom, sexually abused them and took pictures, as their parents worshipped nearby. [...] He sentenced Huffman to 280 years, with an active sentence of 50 years - 10 years above the maximum recommended by the sentencing guidelines. [...] Huffman, 19, pleaded guilty in November to three counts of forcible sodomy, five counts of aggravated sexual battery, one count of attempted forcible sodomy, and two counts of filming explicit materials.

source: Article < 'Monster' given 50 years for abusing boys at Beach church > by Jen McCaffery; hamptonroads.com/2010/03/monster-gets-280-years-abusing-boys-beach-church; HamptonRoads.com; 24 March 2010