'Sex before eight, or else it's too late'

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The infamous slogan of the title [Sex before eight, or else it's too late] is said to be the motto of the René Guyon Society. Here, I outline an argument (independent of Guyon's doctrines) that demonstrates its - naturally theoretical - appropriateness in modern society. [...]

Humans are born with an unrestrained, uninhibited capacity for exploration of sexuality and physical pleasure. The indoctrination must therefore commence with denying this sexuality - both linguistically ("don't touch yourself down there, that's dirty"), and corporally ("daddy has a penis that he can use to make babies; yours doesn't work yet"). Having stolen the child's inherent sexuality, it will be gradually restored, in the form of a tightly-controlled discourse, which will dictate to the psyche all permissible impulses and behaviors, and treat anything else as shameful.

The foundation of that discourse will be based upon two fundamentals: procreation as the primary purpose of sex, and parents' exclusive right of ownership over their children. The Family will embody these two pillars. Young children must see it as the source, the route and the goal to happiness. Having already learned from their schoolmates (who model their interactions on the family order) that being 'different' is the ultimate evil, the child will be terrorized into conformity: since his body is useless and weak, he must merge with the family, or the gang, in order to survive. He must only use his body when it can be invested, but since his body is owned by the family, he cannot yet invest it because he is not old enough to have ownership rights. The proper way to invest it lies in aspiring to the (future) goal of having his own family, once he has become mature, responsible and financially-secure. Until this moment arrives, he is not ready to have sex. Sex is possible before then, but to 'prematurely' engage in it would be to risk future happiness and invite the loneliness and misery of becoming the outsider.

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