'Slippage' in research on child sexual abuse: science as social advocacy

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Exaggerated claims of prevalence or {effects} of child sexual abuse encourage adult overreaction to the discovery of childhood sexual behavior such as masturbation or sexual rehearsal play. Overreaction and other negative messages typically imparted to American children about their own sexuality have been identified repeatedly as correlates of adult psychological or sexual dysfunctions. (p. 568)

source: From the article < "Slippage" in Research on Child Sexual Abuse: Science as Social Advocacy > by Paul Okami; Quoted in 'Could they all have been wrong?' by David L. Riegel; SafeHaven Foundation Press; 2005; Article from The Handbook of Forensic Sexology' by J. Krivacska & J. Money (Eds.); Amherst NY; Prometheus Books; 1994