A sexual health approach to the treatment of the adolescent with a sexual attraction to children

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The adolescent who is sexual with younger children has been traditionally labeled as a sex offender and the behavior as criminal and pathological. Treatment methodologies are commonly based on a criminal justice and behavioral philosophy, but for many youth such an approach may reinforce a shame based self-concept may adversely effect long-term treatment outcome. This workshop will describe an alternative treatment program at the University of Minnesota Medical School based on a positive sexual health philosophy. This philosophy has developed out of research and clinical experience from the field of sexology, and in particular, Langfeldt's and Martinson's work in child sexuality. [...]

Discovery of one's sexual orientation is viewed as a task of adolescents and homophobia an impediment to the development of necessary bonding and intimacy to one's own gender. Sexual attraction to children is understood as a possible sexual orientation and is addressed in a positive, non-judgemental fashion so that the etiology of a particular case may be adequately understood.

source: Hand-out Workshop 'A Sexual Health Approach to the Treatment of the Adolescent with a Sexual Attraction to Children' by William Seabloom (clinical supervisor, Adolescent Sexuality Program); 1987