A sociological analysis by Richard Yuill

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Yuill interviewed six categories of people: 27 gay men with MADIS experiences [MADIS is defined in study as: male age-discrepant and intergenational sexualities and relationships], twenty gay young people, twenty boylovers, eighteen professionally involved people, four politicians and three persons who had experienced abuse. Most respondents live in the United Kingdom. [...]

Several young homosexual people involved in the study claimed they had no trouble gaining access to gay bars and clubs before the age of 18. Some mentioned 14, others 16 as the age at which they first visited such places. According to them, the gay world is generally strongly focused on youth, and relations with a large age gap are fairly common. Young people regularly pursue such relations actively. Four of the interviewees have personal experience with this. In general, their memories of these experiences are positive. One respondent had four MADIS relationships and says his experiences were very different from one another. Abuse of authority was an issue in one of these relationships, whereas in another he himself was in charge. In general, however, he looks back on these experiences in an extremely positive way.

source: Article 'Boylove from various points of view - A sociological analysis by Richard Yuill' by J.R.F. [edit]; About the thesis 'Male Age-Discrepant Intergenational Sexualities and Relationships' by Richard Yuill; Koinos, no. 58; Summer 2008