A teacher (26) about his friendship with Dennis

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My relationship with Dennis started during my last year of practical training and it was his last year at primary school. I found out that I really liked Dennis very much. After a few weeks, it was one or two months before the summer holiday, Dennis appeared to suffer from a long-lasting illness. I was very sorry about this, for I would not see him anymore. At the end of the practical training I was presented a goodbye-book by the class, and the master had seen to it that Dennis wrote something in it too. It was a very nice letter. I wrote Dennis back and visited him in the hospital. He found this fantastic and I promised him that, when he would leave the hospital, we would do something nice together. His mother thought this was an excellent idea; apparently, she trusted me completely. In the meantime she has become a good friend of mine. Together with Dennis I did some enjoyable things and we kept in touch with each other.

After the summer holiday he even wanted to stay. Fortunately, again his mother did not have any problems with that and she even proposed that he would stay for about a week, much longer than I had dared to hope. The friendship with Dennis gradually developed into a relationship with the works. It was my first real relationship with a high frequency. Actually, it really lasted quite a while before the sexual side of our relationship started to take shape; I did not dare begin with this so soon. André does feel a bit guilty towards Dennis' mother that he never brought up the sexuality. He asks himself if she may not have figured out after all, because every now and then she has made remarks that could point to that. She does know that Dennis and André have a very physical contact with each other and kiss each other. Basically, he would like to talk about it, but, understandably, this is not easy. On being asked, Dennis had a clear opinion: "She does not need to know!"

source: 'A Teacher (26) about his Friendship with Dennis' by André; OK Magazine, no. 41; February 1993