Adam Johnson is not a paedophile and he doesn't deserve prison

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Eight hundred and thirty-four Whatsapp messages. That's the sum of it: 834 messages, sent between Adam Johnson and a teenage fan so besotted by a footballer she stood waiting for him on his birthday with a cake. When she finally got to meet him in his car, she even recorded their sad fumblings in the dark, so she could prove to her mates she had only gone and done it - only snagged herself a footballer, a footballer who made it quite clear the next time they met he would be looking to get her jeans off and do much more then kiss. She looked way older than 15 and acted way older than 15, something 'everyone told her' all the time. But now, thanks to a bit of healthy overdramatising of the affair and the baying mob on Twitter, she is the victim. [...]

Adam Johnson was only ever guilty of being stupid. I couldn't be more proud that this generation of girls has outpaced boys at school, university and in industry. I tell my girls to stand up for what they believe in. But in this brave new world, I tell my son to be careful. Be wary of girls. Girls are exceptionally smart at getting exactly what they want.

source: Article 'Put away the rope, Adam Johnson broke the law - with a girl who knew EXACTLY what she was doing - but he's not a paedophile and he doesn't deserve prison and a Twitter lynching' by Katie Hopkins;; Daily Mail Online; 7 March 2016