After-school special

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A man and a woman have an awkward encounter at an indoor playground in this Neil LaBute penned slice-of-life starring Sarah Paulson and Wes Bentley.

Director: Jacob Chase
Writer: Neil LaBute
Stars: Sarah Paulson, Wes Bentley, Sam Cohen

[In this nine minutes movie you see a man trying to score a date with a woman, but she is not interested in dating him. In the end you see she - an elementary school teacher - has a relationship with a (not so kind) boy. The boy says to her: "Thanks. Even though it kinda sucks here. Thanks for thinking that I'd like it, that was really nice." She responses: "You're welcome Johnny [or Tommy; difficult to hear]." And the boy says: "But honestly, next time, let's just stay at your house and fuck. It's a lot more fun when we do that."]

source: From the short movie 'After-School Special';;; IMDb; Movie from 2011