Age of consent at seven in Delaware

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He [Aaron Macy Powell, president of the American Purity Alliance] declared, further, that this society had urgent need to pronounce itself in the subject of the so-called age of consent laws. Girls are deemed capable of controlling property only at their majority, but States decide not with their persons. In four States the age of consent is fixed at the shockingly low age of ten years, in four others at twelve, in three at thirteen, and so on, increasing, except Delaware, where the original statue pertainting to the crime of rape is still unrepealed, fixing the age at seven years. These so-called age of consent statues, which discriminate against girlhood and favor immoral men, are a disgrace to the several States of the Union.

source: Article 'Purity Congress Meets - A Great Gathering for Moral Work in the City of Baltimore';; The New York Times; 15 October 1895