All the children were genuinely enthusiastic volunteers

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Four years ago I had the privilege of meeting with a 26-year-old man who as a boy had appeared in various forms of Scandinavian child pornography. Horst (a pseudonym) had realized he was gay when he was 9 years old and sought out opportunities to meet gay adults in the town venter where he lived. One of these adults asked him if he would like to earn money being photographed with other children. (This was during the brief, halcyon period when explicit child pornography was legal in Denmark [...].)

Horst assures me that, like him, all the children were genuinely enthusiastic volunteers who relished the fun of having sex with new children and who enjoyed performing for the camera. Horst told me it was a wonderful time. Eventually he met a German adult admirer, with whom he still lives as lover, partner, and friend.

source: Letter 'A surplus of sleazy journalism' by M.M.; NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol.12, n.1; January/February 1991