Altar boy says thanks for the memories

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I [10-year-old boy] loved seeing him [a priest] and being in his presence, as I found him young and sexy. While his position and age (30-ish) intimidated little moi a bit, I didn't fear him nor any priest. [...]

Suddenly, he was standing behind me. I began to feel moist, then wet all over. He embraced me and pressed my ass against his hard bone, groping me feverishly and grinding away at my willing, pretty, hard, boy ass. [...]

We never removed any clothing; I never saw his meat. He proceeded to rub and grid and grope reticent little moi mercilessly. Rub, rub, rub against my buns, he panting and speaking more quickly in the throes of arousal. We watched ourselves in a tall dressing mirror, and I could not believe my joy and good fortune at being his object of desire (or one of them, anyway). Sometimes, though rarely, frankly, being pretty does have advantages. [...]

He is the only happy, human memory I can connect to all the horrid years wasted with religion.

source: Article 'Altar Boy Says Thanks for the Memories' by 'Flesh'; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 9, n. 4; May 1988