Amos Yee won't shut up! - Amos Yee in conversation with Eric Tazelaar

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[Amos Yee (AY):] In my view, Westerners have a much greater reaction to my views on pedophilia but that it will take far longer for Asian countries to be more accepting of pedophilia than America.
[Eric Tazelaar (ET):] It will take longer, you think, even though the U.S. reactions are stronger?
[AY:] Yeah.
[ET:] Because Asians take much longer to change their values even though Americans have much more extreme reactions to pedophilia?
[AY:] The way I see it is, because there is such a strong reaction is because there is discussion about it and discussion is the next level to creating change. This discussion hasn't even started in Asian countries so they are much more backward in accepting pedophilia than in the West.
[ET:] My speculation is that American media and Western NGOs and the U.S. and European governments have influenced other countries, including Asian countries, to become hysterical about things like child prostitution. [...]

[AY:] The funny thing is that I first formed these ideas about child pornography and pedophilia about two years ago and not from the pedophile community which I only really interacted with recently like a few months ago. It all stems from just thinking. When I was sixteen I was far more interested in stirring shit than I am now - I'm still interested in stirring shit to an extent and creating controversy but I was thinking about little antics that I could do and one of them was I was thinking of creating pornography of me. So I discussed it with some friends and said "Wouldn't that be interesting?" And they said, "That's illegal!" And I thought, "Well, that's very strange. I'm sixteen years old and I want to produce pornography and it's not hurting anyone but it's illegal?" I don't know, would they arrest me for producing that?
[ET:] In the United States, they would, yes. There are plenty of kids now who've been prosecuted for producing pornography of themselves.
[AY:] And they're put on the sex registry for life, right?
[ET:] This varies by state. Some are not putting them on for life. California does put them on for life and some others do, too. It makes you wonder about the sincerity of those who are acting, ostensibly on behalf of the welfare of kids when they're willing to prosecute kids for child pornography.
[AY:] For creating their own child pornography.
[ET:] I think it gives lie to that whole conceit that they have that they are acting on behalf of children.
[AY:] Exactly! [...]

[ET:] I think that people underestimate the capabilities of children. Kids used to have a lot more freedom to explore the world around them.
There was a teacher named "John Holt" who wrote in the 1960s and 70s about the need to liberate kids from the prisons that public schools had become and which he felt were terrible places for kids to learn and develop to become strong and resilient adults. He felt that schools actively harmed children.
[AY:] I'm of that opinion, too.
[ET:] He was largely responsible for initiating the movement for children's liberation which, later, got hijacked by gender-feminists, the ones who really do hate men and who see it as their duty to eradicate all traces of "the male" from society and replace it with a purely female-derived model for governance and for life. So, they co-opted the children's rights movement and made it synonymous with women authorized by government to exercise children's rights on their behalf. Really, stripping the last vestiges of personal autonomy from kids that they still enjoyed. That's what happened to "children's rights" in this country. It's really pretty tragic because, what started off as a movement for liberation in the 1960s got hijacked by this sex-obsessed culture of authority. So, the term "children's rights" is a little like speaking of "The Ministry Of Truth" or "The Ministry Of Love" in Orwell's 1984. It means the opposite of children's rights, a stripping-away of any degree of freedom they once had and said to be in the service of protecting them from evil predators. They get no discretion in exercising their rights, the state is going to do it for them.
[AY:] That is really ironic! Them having more rights means them having less freedom?
[ET:] Exactly right and the real motivation, at the very beginning, was children's sexuality. Right from the start. They would soon be joined by Christian fundamentalists who hated gay sex, in particular, as much as gender-feminists hated men and heterosexual sex. With the appearance of Anita Bryant leading the Christian crusade against gays, in 1977, gays began to re-position themselves in opposition to man/boy relationships, and uncritically embrace feminism, in all of its variants, in order to advance the gay movement. This was the beginning of the great child love witch hunt which continues today, the longest-ever such witch hunt and the beginning of the wholesale disenfranchisement of kids who have since been stripped of any genuine authority over their lives.

So, from my perspective, the reason why you had these anti-pedo/anti-kid's rights movements succeed so spectacularly, is because of these two, greatly distinct forces; radical gender-feminism and Christian fundamentalism, joined together, much of the left-wing and the right-wing, united in this effort.

source: Interview 'Amos Yee Won't Shut Up! - Amos Yee in Conversation with Eric Tazelaar' by Eric Tazelaar;; NAMBLA; 31 May 2018