BBC host criticised for letting paedophile call into radio show

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The BBC has been criticised after radio host Allan Beswick let a paedophile speak for nearly five minutes on his show. The man, who said he was calling from prison, made a number of controversial statements, including saying his daughters had enjoyed him raping them. 'Both my daughters enjoyed sex with me when they were eight years of age, with full consent and knowledge of their mother,' he told host Allan Beswick, who was presenting the late night show on March 1. [...]

Beswick, 68, eventually cut him off during the phone-in which aired on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire. He also later apologised on the show and an investigation was launched by the BBC Trust. [...]

A BBC spokesperson added: 'This was completely unacceptable and clearly broke our strict editorial guidelines. A full, on air apology was made. All those involved recognise it was wrong to broadcast such offensive content. We have already reviewed and strengthened our procedures and provided additional training and supervision.'

source: Article 'BBC host criticised for letting paedophile call into radio show' by Jimmy Nsubuga;; Metro News; 18 March 2017