Beyond hysteria: boy erotica on the internet

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However, after the initial contact, 85.2% reported [*] that they were anywhere from somewhat to completely willing to continue the sexual contact. It is worth noting that some 80% of those who did not initiate the contact were willing to continue after their first experience. This further illustrates the extent to which boys are sexually repressed, and the degree to which they will embrace sexually exploration and play once they have overcome the fear and apprehension with which they have been sadly and inappropriately saddled.

[*] on-line questionnaire; N=81 (sexual encounter as a boy with a significantly (at least 5 years) older male) out of N=321 (total questionnaire)

source: From the book 'Beyond Hysteria: Boy Erotica on the Internet' by David L. Riegel; SafeHaven Foundation Press; Philadelphia; 2004