Boy on Youtube: 'I am merely trying to defend society's most hatred and persecuted minority'

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[Boy on Youtube:] I am merely trying to defend society's most hatred and persecuted minority because I believe they can't help their sexual orientation just like you can't help yours. And I don't believe that pedosexuality necessarily is wrong. Here's two points that I didn't make in the previous video. One. You should never do anything that hurts the child, like penetrating it anally or anything like that, because that will hurt the child. So I see that as wrong. I think as long as something isn't destructive and doesn't hurt anyone, then it can't be wrong. Two. Having sex with a child in today's society is wrong. Not because it is wrong to have sex with a child but because society sees it as such. And as the child starts realizing that it may see the event as very very wrong. And this might give the child psychological problems. But again, it's not hardware it's software. It's all about what the kid is programmed to believe and feel about the subject. As long as it doesn't hurt the child physically, then it goes against the hardware.

What your standpoint is on different things is strongly effected by the society you live and grow up in. I think that if you grow up in a society where it is for some reason seen upon as horrible and disgusting and impure to eat an apple, you are likely to have strong negative feelings towards the idea of eating an apple. Now I'm not saying that because we live in a society where pedophilia is seen upon as evil and wrong that that automatically makes pedophilia right just because society sees it as wrong. What I am saying please try to leave your emotions out of this one. Try to look neutrally on what I'm saying here.

[Written text in video:] If you can't think logically about it without being effected by your emotions... Then you are not qualified to make a decision about it. [End written text in video.]

Other primates have no sexual boundaries when it comes to age and gender. I don't see why we should. In an utopian world with no sexual taboos, having sex with children could become part of the natural upbringing. You know, teaching them how to become good sexual partners. Some of you have said that a child can't fully understand what sex is. I don't see that as a valid argument. As long as the child doesn't mind it doesn't matter and the child will understand in time. Some of you have said that having sex with a child might alter its sexual preference. He or she might become bisexual instead of heterosexual when that person grows up. So, where's the problem in that? So I hope you won't butcher my right to free speech this time, and instead make logical rational responses. If you have any points that you believe I have overlooked in my calculation. So the matter can be discussed in a proper way in stead of just banning the video. Thank you.

source: 'Dendro's Actual Viewpoints on Pedophilia' uploaded by 'CasperFriendly1';; Video later removed by Youtube;; Placed on internet: 6 December 2010