Boys help men, too

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"Do you like to get fucked up your ass?" I'd frankly ask the naked man sitting next to me. It was my favorite question. I am 18, and have been having sex with older men ever since I was 12. I was a pubescent sex fiend, always picking up men at the park, shooting off with them, then usually never seeing them again. Like other horny boys my age. I knew what I wanted, and I knew how to get it. That is how my relationship with F.L., 34, started out. [...]

Recently, I began researching paedophilia and have read all too much of "What the man gives the boy" (e.g. companionship, a best friend, love). F.L. has given me all these things, plus a lot more. This is all expected, and fabulous to have, but what about the other side? I've given F.L. just as much as he's given to me. [...]

Love is, after all, a give and take experience, and I know from having the boy's experience, that I've enjoyed the taking just as much as I've enjoyed the giving.

source: Letter 'Boys help men, too' by 'College Boy', Virginia; NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 11, n. 9; December 1990