Child images that troubled prosecutors

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When Oak Park police raided kindergarten teacher James Perry's Ferndale home on Feb. 15, shortly after arresting him on charges he sexually assaulted two boys, they seized hundreds of photographs of children as well as video of children's movies, including "The Lion King," "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter." Prosecutors have since described the material as evidence that Perry was a pedophile rightly convicted in September. The photos shown here were among those taken from Perry's home. Prosecutors attempted to have the photos and videos shown to jurors, but Oakland County Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris rejected the request, ruling that the images "showed absolutely no predilection to child molestation or anything of that nature." Nevertheless, in the months since, prosecutors and police have publicly cited the images as evidence of a deviant mind, calling the material "non-pornographic erotica."

source: Article 'Child images that troubled prosecutors';; Detroit Free Press; 22 December 2006