Child pornography & erotica

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As I sit at a window of my flat in an obscure town in central Africa, three pubescent boys appear outside and proceed to do something a bit 'naughty'. After a moment, one of them looks up and sees me watching. The others then look up laughing, smile and wave to me, I reply in kind, smiling and waving. I have instantly become a part of their conspiracy, their secret. As they walk away, they keep looking back, perhaps hoping to be invited in. Had the same thing happened in England, I hardly think they would have waved at me, a complete stranger. The reaction would have been quite different, the alienation between children and adults being almost total. [...]

I am an enthusiastic boylover and have been since I myself was in the throes of puberty with no-one to teach me about love and sex, as I so desperately wanted. Since lovers and nurturers of young people are so despised and unwelcome by officialdom and much of the populace of that sceptered isle, this explains my anglophobia. [...]

Looking back, I was certainly hungry for sex information when I was twelve, but couldn't find any. Undoubtedly, I would have enjoyed looking at porno magazines had anyone provided me with them - some kindly paedophile perhaps! [...]

From personal experience as a boy, when I was fourteen or so, I managed to borrow my father's old Kodak camera; having saved enough pocket money to buy a roll of film, I proceeded to try to take sexy pictures of myself. I would have done the same at an earlier age if I had access to a camera. [...]

As a boy, I used to wear shorts to school, and I was aware of how 'sexy' my legs must have appeared to some people. Nowadays, most English boys cover their legs. It would be interesting to hear the psychological arguments as to why. Perhaps we shall soon see English schoolboys draped in black, like Saudi women, not allowed to expose an inch of their sensuous bodies.

source: 'Child pornography & erotica' by Richard Green ('Dominik'); From the book 'The Betrayal of Youth - Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People'; Edited by Warren Middleton; CL Publications, London; 1986