Child prostitution

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As the Roman empire began to disintegrate, so the witchhunt against homosexuals and prostitutes intensified. The later Christian Emperors, Valentinian and Theodosius, issues edicts making homosexuality punishable by death, and in the sixth century, the superstitious Justinian produced two 'novellae' blaming sodomites for famines, earthquakes and pestilences. [...]

[I]n 1889, a homosexual scandal involving telegraph boys went to the very heart of the English establishment. A brothel was uncovered in London's Cleveland Street which was patronised by some in the highest echelons of society, among them, Lord Arthur Somerset, an Assistant Equerry to the Prince of Wales, and no less a person than Prince Albert Victor, who as the Duke of Clarence, was Queen Victoria's grandson and an heir presumptive to the throne. A cover-up was immediately instigated and these facts might have been relegated to obscurity had it not been for the recent opening up of public records for inspection.

source: 'Child prostitution' by Warren Middleton; From the book 'The Betrayal of Youth - Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People'; Edited by Warren Middleton; CL Publications, London; 1986