Child sex 'should not always be reported'

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Children as young as 13 who are sexually active should not automatically be reported to the police, the Children's Commissioner for England said yesterday. Prof Sir Albert Aynsley-Green said nurses, teachers and youth workers must follow Government guidelines published last April which state that while there is a "presumption" that information is passed on to social workers or police, decisions should be made using individual discretion on a case by case basis. He spoke after Brook, the sexual health charity, said ministers must intervene to ensure that the current guidance, which was causing confusion and leading to automatic reporting, did not deter children from seeking advice. [...]

[A reaction by 'EyeSee', 16 March:] This is just a continuation of the Left worldview. The search is on constantly to identify 'victims'. Here, the abusers of children are the victims of people with insufficiently inclusive views. Sex outside marriage used to be frowned upon as immoral, but the Left changed all that with the sexual revolution of the sixties. Then they moved on to homosexuals being 'oppressed' and won that too. Now the targets are to gain approval for paedophiles and beastiality (called zoo these days as that is a nicer sounding, less threatening word. All part of the stealth approach to acceptance). Dangerous world? I think so. Because our politicians now do not protect us they are part of it. Look at the unthinking support for 'climate change' nonsense.

source: Article < Child sex 'should not always be reported' > by Sarah Womack;; Telegraph; Last updated: 17 March 2007