Childhood sexuality and paedophilia: some questions answered

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It is a sad indictment of our society when people can be hounded by police and press, attacked, prosecuted, lose their livelihoods and all that is near and dear to them simply for espousing an unorthodox opinion. Yet this is indeed the reality of the debate concerning intergenerational sex in the Britain of today: a debate which the enemies of freedom have attempted to turn into a one-way argument; theirs and theirs alone.
In this way, what may have been, in reality, a reciprocated act with a friendly adult becomes abuse. If children are repeatedly told they have been abused, they will eventually accept this, whether truth or not, and sex to them will, from then on, often be viewed as something dirty and shameful. This is the legacy of sex-negativism which is, in essence, a denial of the self.

source: 'Childhood sexuality and paedophilia: some questions answered' by Warren Middleton; From the book 'The Betrayal of Youth - Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality, Intergenerational Sex, and the Social Oppression of Children and Young People'; Edited by Warren Middleton; CL Publications, London; 1986