Conversation with a boy-lover

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[Interviewer:] What role does sex play in such relationships? Is it everything, or is it an incidental factor? [Black man, 21 years old:] I think it's the key factor - but it's not the only one. I often hear pederasts try to play down the role of sexuality. I think they're playing into the hands of a sex-negative society, and trying to convince the enemy that they're really good people. [...] I think that sex is the key element in such relationships. Other things are good and positive, and I'm for all kinds of relationships between men and boys, not only sexual ones. But I think that the key element to pederasty is sexuality. Without sexuality, it's not pederasty. It's like a father and son relationship, or an uncle and nephew relationship, or a teacher and student relationship. [...]

What the age-of-consent laws have done, by extending the prohibitions to consensual acts, is to serve notice that society expression of any type to be the exclusive province of adults - preferably married heterosexuals. [...]

The reason the dirty old man is such an object of fear in this society is that he is a negation of its sexual morality and moral principles. He is a prosexual person in an antisexual society. He's almost the perfect example of a prosexual person, because against all obstacles, he still expresses his sexuality. Even into old age. He's a prototypical example of everything society hates and fears in sexuality. [...]

Within certain layers of the Black community, I think there's more openness to sexuality in general. It's a funny kind of openness, though, because it's almost a kind of benign neglect. It's not really a matter of being prosexual. It's more like an absence of the kind of control over sexuality that middle-class parents tend to inflict on their children. [...] I think Black people do tend to have more sex, and to have sex at an earlier age. Yet their attitudes towards sexuality, and homosexuality, are generally as repressive as those of whites.

source: Interview 'Conversation with a Boy-Lover' by David Thorstad; From the book 'Varieties of Man/Boy Love - Modern Western Contexts'; Edited by Mark Pascal; NAMBLA Journal 8; Wallace Hamilton Press, New York; 1992