Cops want to give teen an erection and photograph it... you know, for evidence

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You read that right. The authorities in Prince William County, Virginia, are pursuing child pornography charges against a 17 year old who exchanged nude picture texts with his 15-year-old girlfriend. The police have even filed a warrant that would permit them to take the teen to the hospital, give him an erection-producing injection, and photograph his penis. Prosecutors want to compare this photograph to the one the teen sent to his girlfriend, establishing that they depict the same thing.

Some astute logicians might point out the irony of the police effectively creating child pornography in order to prosecute someone for creating child pornography, though long-time readers of Reason know that law enforcement has a history of doing precisely that. [...]

Keep in mind that police have already taken photographs of the teen's private parts after arresting him and holding him in juvenile jail to await charges. Good grief, how many pictures of a teenage boy's penis does one police department need? The teen has so far refused to plead guilty. If convicted, he could stay in jail until he turns 21.

source: Article 'Cops Want to Give Teen an Erection and Photograph It... You Know, For Evidence' by Robby Soave;;; 9 July 2014