Daniel Cohn-Bendit wrote about his experience in a kindergarten

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In a recent pamphlet against the "excesses" of May '68 and, more generally, the "sexual liberation" of the 60s, The Independent brought back to memory what the radicals of '68 thought about the child sex. A quarter of a century ago, Daniel Cohn-Bendit wrote about his experience in a kindergarten: "My constant flirt with all the children soon took on erotic characteristics. I could really feel how from the age of five the small girls had already learned to make passes at me. (...) Several times a few children opened the flies of my trousers and started to stroke me. (...) When they insisted, I then stroked them."

Shulamith Firestone went even further, expressing her hopes that, in a world "without the incest taboo (...) relations with children would include as much genital sex as they were capable of - probably considerably more than we now believe."

When confronted with these statements, Cohn-Bendit played them down, claiming that "this did not really happen, I only wanted to provoke people. When one reads it today, it is unacceptable." However, the question still hovers: how, at that time, was it possible to provoke people, presenting them sexual games with pre-school children as something appealing, while today, the same "provocation" would immediately give rise to an outburst of moral disgust? After all, child sexual harassment is one of THE notions of Evil today.

Without directly taking sides in this debate, one should read it as a sign of the change in our mores from the utopian energies of the 60s and early 70s to the contemporary stale Political Correctness, in which every authentic encounter with another human being is denounced as a victimizing experience. What we are unable even to conjecture today is the idea of REVOLUTION, be it sexual or social. Perhaps, in today's stale times of the proliferating pleas for tolerance, one should take the risk of recalling the liberating dimension of such "excesses."

source: From the online book 'Repeating Lenin - Lenin's Choice' by Slavoj Zizek; www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/ot/zizek1.htm; Taken form site: 21 September 2009; Book Zizek: 2002?