Dear Jesse, I like very young girls

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Some psychologists, such as Bruce Rind of Temple University, have challenged the popular notion that sex with underage minors is uniformly negative for all adolescents in such relationships. His data paint a starkly different image than the one conventionally portrayed by the media. Rind finds that many adults, especially men, have positive, meaningful memories of their "technically illegal" relationships with non-exploitative adults during their adolescent years. Although too many minors are hideously abused, raped, and exploited sexually—a fact to be met with merciless fury and disdain - Rind points out that it's foolish and manipulative to demand that all teens frame their consensual trysts with all adults as inherently negative.

source: Article < "Dear Jesse, I like very young girls." > by Jesse Bering;; Scientific American Blog Network; 22 December 2011