Documentary The Pornbrokers

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[Joop Wilhelmus, porno millionaire:] She [his daughter, sitting besides him] can see any porno magazine that is in the house, even from as young as two years old she could see them. [...]

[Bianca Wilhelmus, daughter of Joop:] Nothing between two people, or three or four, should be withheld that comes from early acceptance that everything between people is good. Knowledge of sex for a very young girl will assure warm human relationships with men, and women, from which she reaches puberty. When I was a young girl I had desires, crazing[?] from their friendships but that was strictly forbidden by my parents. At fifteen I became liberated. At first I was involved in sex. Just sex as a bodily function, you know. Men, excitements and pleasures. Then I met a man who truly liberated me. Through my experience; the love that goes with sex.

[Joop Wilhelmus:] The same child of nine can sit in front of a television set at seven o'clock in the evening and see the seven o'clock news and see people, you know, very poor people, in any disgusting way you can imagine. And even some ways you can't imagine, you know. If that is O.K. for her to see. Because the same people who call it pornographic say that is realistic then I say, it is even more realistic to show them how people can make love together, you know. And I think it's healthier for her to see the many different ways in which people can make love together then the many different ways in which they can kill each other.

[At least two seventeen year-old porn actresses are in the documentary in a sexual way.]

source: Documentary 'The Pornbrokers'; Director: John Lindsay; Studio: Consolidated Exhibitors; 1973