Don't trust the scientists

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[I]f one looks at the situation [when it comes to academia] in Germany and compares the situation 50 years ago and now it got much, much worse. 1970 the German sexual scientists advocated to abolish or reduce or explore with studies the "age of consent"-laws. Now they don't even admit that "children" exist who enjoy sexual contacts with adults, although hundreds of studies show that. They systematically cover the lies of their leading person Klaus Beier. Totally unacceptable in science. Some years ago in Germany a boy was convicted for consensual sex when he was 14 years old with a 13-year-old girl. Imagine that madness. I did not read just one protest of one sexual scientist in the news. They do care for their careers (and for their careers it is helpful to get across friendly) but they do not care for the truth. My advide [advice] would be don't trust them.

source: 'Re: Isn't it less frequent now?' by 'Filip30';; BoyChat; 14 January 2019