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To the Editor:
I'm glad to see more girl appearing in the Bulletin. Boys and girls are equally loveable, and I disagree with sexist bigots who have a "no girls allowed" mentality. We should welcome girl lovers who support us. There is strength in numbers!

Recent Bulletins said the England's age of consent, and Florida kills people for sex with minors. Shocking! Is 21 the highest age of consent in the world? Does any other country in the world kill people for having sex?

Finally, I must protest your article in which you urged members to destroy "illegal porn." People who quietly use this stuff are not likely to get caught if they follow your sound advice about avoiding mail order porn and strangers' inquiries. Using photos is far safer than "the real thing." It shouldn't be that way, but it is. Nazis rounded up publications they didn't like and threw them into a huge bonfire. I was reminded of that by your anti-porn article. Our government has created an environment which is worse than that of Nazi Germany.

Mike Van Houten replies: Florida hasn't killed a person lately for sex with minors, though under its laws that remains a possibility. As far as I know, 21 is the highest age of consent in the western world, though many US states prohibit homosexual relations altogether.

I have heard of many countries currently executing people for same-sex relations: Iran, Saudi Arabia, among probably others. Having spent a little time in a US jail. I know that between the cops sharing your "crime" with the other prisoners, leaving around the means to commit suicide, and telling you what a scum you are, the USA is not much better. Executing pedophiles probably isn't even considered news in the media.

source: Incoming letter 'Equally loveable'; Queen, Pennsylvania; Reply from Mike van Houten; Nambla Bulletin, vol. 12, no. 6, July/August 1991