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The new gay magazine Destroyer has made a great stir. The critics mean that Destroyer comes dangerously close to pedophilia, as the purpose is to sexually objectify young, homosexual men. We decided to ask the editor Karl Andersson what his aim is with the magazine.

[Karl:] I want to bring back the beautiful boy as one of the beauty ideals of gay culture, in order to broaden it. I think there are many gay men who admire beautiful adolescent males, and who don't feel at home in the gay culture that honours the muscular, hairy, older man.

[Interviewer:] You write that the gay movement denies its historical connection to pedophile organizations like NAMBLA, and thereby "a vital part of homosexual culture", and that the gay culture by doing so allies itself with the straights. Isn't it a little bit harsh to limit the possible political positions to either "liking NAMBLA" or "copying straight culture"?
[Karl:] No, I think it's a symbolical standpoint. You don't have to agree with NAMBLA on everything, I don't do that myself and Destroyer hasn't taken a position on the age-of-consent issue. What I criticize is that the gay movement has chosen a strategy that aims to show an inoffensive image of LGBT people, instead of demanding acceptance for the deviating, whatever it looks like as long as it's legal. The condemnation of NAMBLA has nothing to do with caring about the children, but about suppressing the most extreme expression of homosexuality. Promiscuous gay men and visible lesbians have been suppressed on the same grounds, and I call that shame.

[Interviewer:] Don't you agree with your critics' moral starting point, that nude models should be over 18?
[Karl:] No, I think it's absurd that boys under 18 aren't allowed to be depicted sexually, because you presuppose that they will be hurt by it. It resembles previous ages' ban on masturbation, which supposedly was extremely dangerous to the boy. That said, I do of course respect the laws.

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