Examining assumptions in German law concerning sexual self-determination and age cutoffs

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In German law, sexual self-determination is seen as undeveloped in minors ≤13 and underdeveloped from 14 to 15. Consequently, harm from sex with adults is assumed likely in the former and possible in the latter. We tested assumed harm using the Kinsey data on first postpubertal coitus and male same-sex experience by comparing reactions across 5 groups: minors/peers; minors ≤13/adults; minors 14–15/adults; minors 16–17/adults; adults/adults. Contrary to assumptions, for example, minors ≤13 with adults reacted just as positively and no more negatively than adults with adults. Present-day relevance of these data in light of cultural changes since Kinsey's time is discussed.

source: Abstract from article 'Reactions to First Postpubertal Coitus and First Male Postpubertal Same-Sex Experience in The Kinsey Sample: Examining Assumptions in German Law Concerning Sexual Self-Determination and Age Cutoffs' by Bruce Rind (PhD) & Max Welter (MA); www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19317611.2016.1150379; International Journal of Sexual Health; Published online: 11 Feb 2016