Ezra Miller didn't mean to corrupt the Moonrise Kingdom kids at Cannes

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[Interviewer:] Moonrise Kingdom is about the relationship between two pre-teens. Did you fall in love at that young of an age?
[Ezra Miller, 19 years old:] Yes! With every person that remotely understood me. Head over heels. More so and in a more rapid frequency than now in the time where I've really fallen in love and entered relationships. That thing of when you have a crush on someone that tears you apart, that is love. We shouldn't invalidate that just because we're little. We're all told that's not real, your first kiss wasn't that kiss with your third cousin when you were four. It was when you were 15 and kissed that high school boy. And that's false. We're scared of childhood sexuality, because it really brings out the raw, essential nature of sexuality, which, we're so far removed from in our culture that it just scares us and makes us feel bad, when instead you should think about the purity of child sexuality, because you don't have it and I don't have it, because we live in a porn society.

source: Interview 'Ezra Miller Didn't Mean to Corrupt the Moonrise Kingdom Kids at Cannes' by Jada Yuan; www.vulture.com/2012/05/ezra-miller-didnt-mean-to-corrupt-at-cannes.html; Vulture; 19 May 2012