Gay men need to talk straight about paedophilia

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[Early 80s:] The hideous PIE publication, Paedophilia: The Radical Case [by Tom O'Carroll], was favourably reviewed by Gay News and other gay publications. What is different today? In the late 90s, Peter Tatchell of Outrage!, now campaigning for lowering the age of consent for all to 14, reviewed a grotesque and shocking book, Dares to Speak: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives On Boy-Love. Tatchell wrote: "Abusive, exploitative relationships are indefensible but... [there are] many examples of societies where consenting intergenerational sex is considered normal, acceptable, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike."

source: Article 'Gay men need to talk straight about paedophilia' by Julie Bindel;,4273,4145251,00.html; Guardian Unlimited; 3 March 2001